TRAINING CHANGES IN 2023(Calendar at the bottom of this page)

On the Job Phases Download (PDF)

Training in 2023 will look a bit different – in an effort to reduce the costs and time associated with cancelled courses State will be trying the following: 

  • There will be no training in January – March
  • Training will now be offered from “Centres”. Fortunately, Tamworth will be considered a smaller centre meaning we will be able to run Scouting Essentials and Scouting Adventure however, we will no longer be able to host training in other venues across the NW region. We ARE still going to be offering HYBRID Scouting Essentials courses!

What this means is that those of you who wish to complete Scouting Leadership & Woodbadge training will need to attend a larger training centre (think Newcastle, Sydney etc). FYI – There is a fund to help with travel costs. Scouting Management will only be offered in Tamworth if we have 6+ trainees, otherwise will also need to attend a larger centre

I strongly suggest that you get your e-learning done and attend one of the courses we’re offering locally while you still can!!


From July 20th there will be an update to completion of the On The Job Milestones. This will now all be completed electronically from the same place as where you complete e-learning. This is great news as you will no longer need to print them out, then have a Woodbadge leader certify, then send to training, then blah blah…you can do it all online and the process is automated! 

  • There will no longer be 3 parts —> this is changing to 2 ‘Phases’. The first to be completed as part of attaining the Certificate of Adult Leadership, and the second will take the place of the Commissioners Review as part of the awarding of the Woodbadge.
  • The format will be ‘I statements’ for which you will need to provide an example of how you have addressed that ‘I Statement’ in your scouting role. Currently we have check boxes –  any already checked will be matched once the update occurs
  • Leader of Youth & Leader of Adults will have different ‘I Statements’ relating specifically to their role.
  • Once you click the submit button, your Team Leader, e.g. your Group Leader, will be notified to do their part. NOTE You will be able to request a change of Team Leader should there be a problem e.g. if your Team Leader doesn’t hold a Woodbadge or the incorrect person is listed. AND you can send a reminder to your Team Leader if they get busy and don’t get to it for a while 😉


It is a National Requirement that these modules be reviewed by members, including Rovers, every 3 years and it is expected that trainees complete this within 3 months of membership.

Numerous members across NSW have been suspended for failing to complete their mandatory training. 

Members who have expired training receive the following written correspondence:

  • 6 automated emails from National ranging from 12 weeks prior to expiry to the modules being expired
  • Automated email from NSW to notify them their modules is expiring or has expired
  • A letter posted to them alerting them to their pending suspension

Unfortunately, unless these modules are completed within 14 days their membership will be cancelled.  Please be aware that suspension will lock them out of the On Demand Training Systems due to system automation. They need to get in contact with or (02) 9735 9000 so they can unlock access for them. They must then complete the mandatory training that day otherwise the automation will lock them back out overnight.


All Leaders and their families are invited to Surface Hill Scout Camp in January for a catch-up, sharing of ideas, gas-bag/chin-wag and generally an all round social event. Further information will be heading your way but save the date 13-15/1/2023!!! We are looking forward to catching up with many of you!!

If you are unsure where you are in your training journey or what steps you need to take next – please reach out to me – I’m only too happy to help!

Nicky Engert, RC AT&D Mob: 0410 669 232

Training and Development Calendar here