Stephen Day – AGL

Stephen Day – Possum

Outside of Scouting I like the outdoors, such as fishing, boating camping.
I live in the Northern Rivers, in Grafton alongside the Clarence River. As for a job I am a steering wheel attendant (Bus Driver). This job has for me many different jobs: –
• My position is as a casual driver with Busways Pacific Pty Ltd out of the Grafton depot.
• My main job is as a school bus driver, I also do route service as required or as rostered over the weekend.
• School Bus Educator/Mentor- This job requires me to travel around the schools that Busways service to speak with the students from K through to year 9 and 10 about bus safety and what is required on the student’s behalf to make it an enjoyable trip to and from school.
• I am the WHS driver representative- I liaise between the drivers and the depot manager about and problems that may occur.
• I do COVID 19 cleaning of buses in the afternoon after my shift when all buses are back in the yard. Before my current job I have done interstate bus driving, been a security guard, a delivery driver for a bakery and spent 9 years in the ADF.

Elvira Currie – AGL/Joey Leader

Elvira Currie – Wata

Hello My name is Elvira Currie, or ‘Takiwatanga’. In Mouri this means, “in his/her own space and time”. It is a mouthful, but I will answer to “Wata”- Wata ya doin?  (I needed to change my scout name as 3 Raksha’s in one group was too many). This name reminds me that I can take my time and patience is something that we all need. I grew up with a household of Girl Guides, completed my BP, travelled to Greece as part of the Australian contingent and even trained as a Guide Leader.

Then……… well life happened. When my own children were old enough to join scouts I was became hooked, again. As a leader, I often have multiple roles. Currently I am Assistant GL with Lones NSW and a STEM Leader in ACT (ask me about First Lego League Robotics or Space Camp). Though I am a veterinarian by profession, my work is in pharmacovigilance, (which can be poorly described as the epidemiology of medicines). I love geeking out with numbers and patterns and big datasets. My career to this point has been a lot of fun, and I currently work for the government. This gives me time for my other interests; scouting, farming, children (not too fussed whose children, but I do have 2 of my own and a handful of spares, all of whom I love dearly), singing, horses and craft. I have a passion for inclusive activities, being able to support all to do their best. I try to encourage everyone to step outside their expected comfort zone and work hard to recognise and praise the ‘try’. Which perhaps is why I have chosen this photo. This is me with Raj, he has been my companion for 35 years and we have had many adventures together. Working with horses and children, recognising the ‘try’ and rewarding it, will always get the best long-term results.

Jenni Waites – VSL

Jenni Waites – Wedgie

Hey there everyone, I’m known at Scouts as Wedgie (and that is a story for around a campfire one night). I was a Queen’s Guide long ago and served Girl Guides for many years in Queensland. Nearly 15 years ago I came to the Granite Belt and ended up as the Venturer Leader. In that time I have been to many camps, done lots of abseiling, camping and some canoeing.

I first met the North West Region team when Meerkat and I came down to run the climbing wall at the 2019 Spirit of the North West Camp. When the Qld border opened up in 2021, the opportunity was offered to jump over the border and join the Scouts NSW North West Region Team as a permanent member (yes, Grug found us first).

Meerkat and I have taken on the revitalisation of the Surface Hill Campsite just out of Tenterfield, and more recently I agreed to take on the role of the VSL for the Lone Scouts Group. Most of our Scouting friends refer to our home as “Tenterfield Heights” but with a Queensland postcode.

In my spare time I am a teacher for Education Queensland, teaching music at 7 small primary schools. I like to think that music is not what I do but is who I am, and in my spare time I play with Stanthorpe Combined Bands. I run the Swing and Flux (beginner) Bands as well as play in the Concert Band. It was through playing with the Salvation Army Band at Carols by Candlelight where I crossed paths with Meerkat, and it wasn’t long before he too was having fun at Scouts and music in Stanthorpe. As a brass player, ANZAC Day is usually very hectic and I am privileged that I am capable of playing at the Dawn Service in Wallangarra.

As you can see by the photo Ted is usually not far from us at Scouts and Clawde (cat) usually gets to stay home with our chooks. I enjoy being part of the North West Region and the Lones Group, and feel privileged that parents allow both Meerkat and myself to take their children along their Scouting path.

James Waites – AVSL

James Waites – Meerkat

Hi everyone, I am known in Scouts as Meerkat. I am an electrician by day which has probably helped in the choice of my name by our old Venturer group in Stanthorpe. I am a Brass instrument player with our local bands as well as the president of the Stanthorpe Combined Bands. I am also the Camp Warden for the Surface Hill Camp site at Tenterfield, and the assistant Venturer Scout leader for Lones. So between all these things, I tend to be pretty busy!!!

I came to the Granite Belt here in Qld, about 5 years ago. After my meeting Wedgie at a Carols by Candlelight event in Allora, I was “voluntold” to go to Scouts in Stanthorpe and make myself useful. In time I became the Assistant Venturer Scout Leader, and continued gaining skills in all the usual Scouting events including abseiling, the climbing wall, canoeing, camping and the like. Scouts has been a new experience for me as I was involved with Boy’s Brigade when I was younger.

My big thing is having fun, but doing so safely, whatever we are doing. Whether that is at Scouts, work, at home or wherever we are and whatever we are doing, Safety is my passion.

In my job and as a leader, I have earned my Scout name by trying to think of the possible outcomes that can happen due to poor planning and poor choices, and as a result, I try to pass this type of thinking and analysis on to our fellow Scouting members, both youth and adults. As a Venturer leader, I try to convey my passion for the outdoors and try to equip our members for the big and varied world out there that is often referred to as “the workforce”. I try to help them in any way I can to grow and hopefully find what it is they want to do in the future.

I enjoy the challenge that the youth bring, but at the end of the day, I feel privilidged that parents trust me with the wellbeing of their children. Having said that, I am always happy to return them at the end of an activity or camp.