Criteria to Join Lones

NSW Lones Scout Group was formed in 1915 in order to service the needs of youth where isolation, transportation, disabilities, parental work commitments and other factors prevented them from participating in normal Scout Group activities on a regular basis. There is a set of strict criteria that each applicant must meet in order to join the NSW Lones Scout Group. The following lists the criteria and at least one of these must be met prior to joining. However, if the circumstances necessitating the joining of the NSW Lones Scout Group change, such as moving residence, parents changing jobs and so forth, you will be expected to transfer to the local Group.

1. must live a minimum of 12 km from the nearest Scout Group or Section, or
2. is unable to join a local Group because there is no Section within 12 km’s offering membership of the same sex, or
3. is unable to join a Section due to their disability or special needs. (e.g. They must have carer support at all times to undertake activities etc.), or
4. is attending a boarding school with after school activities that are prescribed, such as Sport, extra specialist classes  (e.g. Music), or
5. their family are travelling around Australia or overseas countries, or
6. their family have been transferred overseas on a semi permanent basis (e.g. family work commitments) and there is no restriction on the Youth Member remaining an Australian Scout in the country of their residence (it will be a requirement to check with the State Commissioner International), or
7. must use public transport (i.e. no alternatives) to attend the Section meeting and the timetables are not convenient to enable them to reach their Section in time or return home safely, or
8. parents can show that due to their work commitments (e.g. shift work) they cannot provide transport to enable them to reach their Section in time or return home safely, or
9. has a part or full time work commitment and is unable to attend normal meeting times(1), or
10. finds that their Group or Section closes down or goes into recess(2).

If at least one of the above points have been met, then the ongoing requirements to remain a member of the NSW Lones Scout Group are:
a. MUST have parent/guardian support to be in LONES, at all times(3).
b. MUST correspond at least once a month with their Section Leader or equivalent(4). If, after a maximum of three months of repeated requests, a Youth Member does not make contact with the Lones Section Leader, resignation of the Youth Member may be commenced by the Group Leader Lone Scouts.


(1) The Youth Member may attach themselves to the nearest Section for Scouting events where appropriate.
(2) It must be remembered that if the Group or Section restarts the Youth Member must transfer into their former Formation. In other words this option is there to ensure the youth are not being disadvantaged by Group closure or a Group going into recess.
(3) For Joey Scouts this may be an Adult Friend (i.e. Parent, Grandparent or other agreed relation/Guardian)
(4) Scouts should also make contact with their Patrol Leader, as it is the Patrol System that governs the Scouts Section.